Anthony Reyes is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist playing traditional roots/ folk inspired music while incorporating elements of classical, jazz, and blues, creating contemporary renditions of traditional tunes and unique songwriting and composition reminiscent of old traditional folk songs.

Anthony first started playing and studying music at a very young age as a classically trained solo cellist, performing in competitions and recitals, receiving numerous merit awards for his playing. He then picked up a number of other stringed instruments and fell in love with the melody-driven roots music and the tradition of music as a form of oral history and storytelling. 

Over two decades of studying and a number of stringed instruments later, Anthony has played with a wide range of bands in California and Washington. When in Santa Cruz, CA most recently, Anthony began exploring his solo career, playing at local venues and private events and would frequently be featured at an invitational jam that pooled semi-pro to professional bluegrass musicians in the bay area for two sets of improvised music. 

Anthony is currently working on an as of yet unnamed new project in Seattle and is excited to share more as the months and years unfold.